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As of December 3rd the co-op office lobby is closed due to the recent increase of COVID-19 cases in the county.

Billing Terms

Basic Charges
The charges of generation, and distribution.
Generation Charges
Charge for the production and transmission of electric generation. Generation service is competitively priced, and is not regulated by the P.U.C. Generation prices and charges are set by your cooperative or other electric generation supplier you have chosen (if available). These charges depend on the terms of service between you, and the supplier.
Distribution Charges
Charges for delivering electricity over your cooperative's electric distribution system to your home or business. These charges include the costs for billing, remittance processing, member services, outages, maintenance, operations, substations, wires, transformers, right-of-way clearing, etc.
Non Basic Charges
Any category of service not related to the basic charges explained above. These charges include security lights, collection fees, etc.
Facilities Charge
The monthly basic distribution charge to partially cover cost of delivering the electricity to your home. This amount is the same each month no matter how much electricity you use.
kWh is a measure of electricity. One kWh equals one thousand watts used for one hour. If you used one 100-watt bulb for ten hours you will use one kWh.
Price to Compare
Kilowatt-hour price to provide generation, and transmission of electricity. A member can realize possible savings by acquiring energy from another supplier (if available) whose price is lower than the Cooperative's Price to Compare.
Bad Check Charge
A $20.00 fee will be charged on all checks returned from the bank.
Meter Reading Fee
A $25.00 meter reading fee will be charged to members who do not read their meter two months in a row. Please write down all five digits from your meter on the front of the return stub in the space provided.
Collection Charge
A $25.00 collection fee will be charged when Cooperative employees are sent out to collect past due electric bills. Please call the office to make arrangements on past due bills.
Disconnection Charges
If your account is disconnected for non-payment, a $35.00 reconnection charge will be required before your account can be connected. If on overtime, the fee for reconnection will be $150.00 Note that there are no reconnections after 8:00 p.m.

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