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Water Heaters

Sullivan County Rural Electric Cooperative offers two different brands of water heaters to choose from:

State Freedom Water Heater

Water heaters are available for purchase by members for use in your home. Two sizes are available: 52 gallon and 82 gallon. If you allow the cooperative to install a load control receiver on the new water heater they will be sold at cost.

Cooperative water heaters are made by State Industries and utilize 2 elements, 4500 watts each. These prices are current as of June 2015:

Capacity Price
52 Gallon $404.72  (plus tax $24.28) = $429.00
80 Gallon  $589.00 (plus tax $35.34) = $624.34


Rheem Marathon Water Heater

Marathon Water Heaters are a top of the line units with a lifetime warranty on the tank and a six year warranty on the parts.  The tank is a polybutene inner tank with 2 1/2 inches of insulation and a polyethylene outer shell to resists rusting, denting and scratches.

50 Gallon                     $820.00 (plus tax $49.20) = $869.20
85 Gallon $1,120.00 (plus tax $67.20) = $1,187.20

     For more information about the Rheem Marathon Water Heater click HERE.

Prices Updated April 2018

Contact our office at 570-924-3381 or toll free 1-800-570-5081 if you would like more information about this service.

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